PrimoTECS – a new Player in the Forging Market

Hot, warm and cold forging on vertical presses with press forces between 630 and 3000 tons and hot forging on Hatebur 70, 50 and 30 presses rounded of by machining processes: Only very few companies have this wide spectrum of processes at their disposal. PrimoTECS, which was born out of the two Italian plants formerly belonging to the Tekfor Group, is a new player in the European forging business. Acquired and now backed by Mutares SE in February 2020 and integrated into Mutares’ Portfoliosegment Automotive & Mobility, PrimoTECS is exceptionally financially stable, aiming for long-term customer relationship with a continuously profitable growth. PrimoTECS offers its customers the possibily to consolidate the supplier base – one single supplier being able to deliver a wide range of forgings:

  • Long closed-die hot forgings on vertical presses up to 3000 tons press force: conrods, common rails, balancer shafts, axle stubs, geometrically intricate wheel hubs
  • Precision forgings made by warm forging processes: CVJ components, rotor shafts, hollow transmission shafts, differential bevel gears
  • Cold forged shafts for transmission and powertrain applications
  • Components from Hatebur 30, 50 or 70: Wheel hub inner and outer races, gear blanks, pulleys, bearing rings

With its previous production- and development-oriented structure, PrimoTECS has only a small overhead and is able to offer its products at very competetive prices. It is located in the Torino area in norther Italy, a region with a long history of automotive and forging production with a dedicated engineering and production workforce.